Want to know why the Cash App direct deposit failed? Follow this guide

Want to know why the Cash App direct deposit failed? Follow this guide

Before we move on,  ‘ why the Cash App direct deposit failed?’ Firstly, understand what the Cash App direct deposit is. Direct deposit is a digital and electronic option to make an online payment. Cash App is known for instant and secured payments. To use the direct deposit feature, you have to activate your Cash App account. The users can enable the direct deposit feature from the app by following some steps, we are going to discuss below. Cash App direct deposit is a very simple and safe way to transfer and receive money. However, sometimes, you find ‘Cash App direct deposit failed’ because of some reasons. 

What is a Cash App direct deposit and how to enable it 

As mentioned earlier, Cash App direct deposit is a digital and electronic way to make online transfers and it deposits money two days earlier than other banks. With Cash App direct deposit, you can receive up to $25000 per direct deposit and up to $50,000 in a 24-hour period. Cash App makes direct deposits two days earlier than many banks as soon as they receive it. However, your first deposit may take longer to become available depending on your employer. The users can enable direct deposit once they receive a Cash Card. If they do not receive your direct account details just after ordering a Cash Card, you need to wait until it arrives. 

Follow the steps to get direct deposit form:

  • Tap the Money tab you see on the Cash App home screen
  • Tap Direct Deposit option
  • Now from the options, select Get Direct Deposit Form
  • When you get the form fill out your employer information, the amount you would like to deposit each paycheck, and provide your signature
  • Select Email Form, enter the recipient address before you send it. 

What should you do if you miss the direct deposit?

In most cases, Cash App makes direct deposit two days earlier than most other banks. Timing of the deposit may vary depending on when someone submits it. In most cases, direct deposit funds are available within 1-5 business days once they are sent. 

If the direct deposit is not sent between 1-5 business days. Cash App support team recommend you to contact them in that case. 

Which are the supported cards with Cash App?

Cash App supports the most prepaid cards, but Cash App is not supporting ATM cards, Paypal, and business debit cards at this time. The supported debit and credit cards at Cash App are Visa, Master card, American Express, and Discover. 

Why has the Cash App Direct Deposit failed?

There are many possible ways if you see your Cash App direct deposit failed due to some reasons. Sometimes, It may be a problem arising from the app itself. Cash direct deposit failed and returned to the original user is one of the most common problems with Cash App. Many users get disappointed when they find ‘Cash App direct deposit failed’. Don’t fret, as it is a frequent problem with direct deposits through Cash App. In most cases, inadequate or insufficient funds lead to Cash App direct deposit failure. Sometimes, account locking or sharing inaccurate information and many other factors are responsible. When we say Cash App direct deposit failed means the deposit was not transferred and it returned to the source. 

Sometimes, ‘Cash app direct deposit failed’ happens, if the direct deposit amount exceeds $10,000 per day.  In some cases, Cash App direct deposit pending may happen and it may take two to five business days to return a failed direct deposit. 

If this happens with you, you have to contact the person who has sent it and request him a second direct payment. 

How to resolve a Cash App direct deposit failed issue

There are a few things or steps you should go through or correct.

  • Check your bank account in the app if it is active or not. 
  • Check routing number and outdated mobile phone information if it is correct or not. 
  • If found anything wrong try entering the information manually. 
  • If you find the Cash App direct deposit pending, contact your bank to verify that you have entered the correct information. 

The possible reasons are: invalid CVV codes, bank’s terms of service, linked expired payment cards. In some cases, your routing number may get outdated so your employer bank may have entered incorrectly. 

Also, deposits may be pending due to too old or inactive mobile phones. 

  • Another possible reason is location change. As per Cash App direct deposit policy may allow you to accept a direct deposit only at one location. This may result in a Cash App direct deposit failed issue. Firstly, check if they have allowed multiple locations for direct deposit or not. 
  • Outdated Cash App version is another reason  your Cash App direct deposit failed because the outdated version may prevent your direct deposit processing. 
  • You can also try using a different phone number or computer to receive your payments. 
  • Sometimes, you face ‘Cash App direct deposit failed’ if the bank server is not working. You should contact the bank to dispute the change. 

The possible reasons  Cash App server not working happen for a few reasons: 

  • Your app server gets down temporarily. 
  • Your bank may be overwhelmed with new customer requests.
  • Your bank may be working on updates. 
  • Your bank may have technical issues with their servers. 
  • However, users can contact the Cash App support if they fail to resolve it 

The Cash App users having a Cash App direct deposit failed issue can resolve it more easily after reading this article. We have covered all the possible ways that prevent you from making direct deposit. So, if you frequently make direct deposits, make sure you have noted all the possible reasons. Further, users should read all the Cash App payment terms & conditions. You can make up to $25000 per direct deposit and up to $50,000 in a 24-hour period. Also check your App balance, bank balance before you make payments to someone. 


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