Cash App Routing Number: What Is It? How To Find And Change It?

Cash App Routing Number: What Is It? How To Find And Cange It?

Have you ever scratched your head in confusion wondering – what does Cash App routing number mean in this world? Does Cash App have a routing number? If yes then this post is for you as today, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the routing number on Cash App. So, as we always do, let’s start from the basics to ensure no doubt is left in your mind about cashapp routing number.   

What is Cash App Routing Number?

A routing number can be best described as a nine-digit code that helps to identify the bank and its location. The first few initial numbers indicate the name of the bank and the rest of the numbers specify the location of the bank where it exists physically. All the certified banks have their own unique and exclusive routing numbers in the US. So, the million-dollar question is – does Cash App have a routing number? The answer is yes. Square Cash App does have a routing number but you should take one thing on a serious note. Cash App is not a bank. Having a routing number doesn’t mean Cash App is a bank.

 Actually, Cash App is supported by two certified banks of the US – Sutton Bank and Lincoln Savings Bank. Just to be very clear, let me tell you that Cash App manages its debit card services with the help of Sutton Bank. On the other hand, Lincoln Savings Bank assists Cash App in direct deposit services. Now there is one more thing that you need to bear always in your mind. Both participating banks – Sutton Bank and Lincoln Savings Bank are not responsible to handle and solving any complaint in connection with a cash card and direct deposit. Whatever might be the issue, you should always contact the Cash App customer service.   


How to find routing number on Cash App? 

Do you have a Cash App card? This question is important to ask. Why? Because without a Cash App card you can’t find out your routing and account number on Cash App. Only after ordering and activating a cash card, routing and account numbers become visible. If you already have an activated Cash App card, these are the steps to find your account number and routing number on Cash App:

  • So, as the first step, launch Cash App.
  • Tap the balance tab (a $ sign icon).
  • Just look under the available balance section and there you will find your Cash App routing number.
  • Right there your ten digits long Cash App account number will also be visible to you.  


 Difference between the Cash App routing and account number? 

At first glance, Cash App routing and account number both look the same. But, in reality, the opposite is true – both are different. The major difference lies in their ownership and length. Cash App routing number owned by Lincoln Saving Bank and Sutton Bank not Cash App. However, this is not the case with Cash App account number. Square Cash App itself creates an exclusive account number for its users. The routing number of so many people on the Cash App might be the same but the account number of each cashapp user always will be different.   

How to change routing number on Cash App?  

Whenever a user creates an account on Cash App and activates a cashcard, a routing number is automatically created on the basis of location. And once a routing number is created, it can’t be changed. For example, if your Cash App routing number is 041215663, you can’t change it to 073923033 until you close and create a new account with a different state. 



Which state has a 073 Cash App routing number? 

Cash App routing number 073 owns by Lincoln Savings Bank and it has been assigned to states like Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.

What is the Sutton Bank Cash App routing number? 

Sutton Cash App routing number usually starts with 041. After 041, different users might have different numbers in their routing number.

Can I change my Cash App routing number 041 to 073?  

You can’t be more wrong if you think you will tap a button and the routing number will change from 041 to 073 on Cash App. There is no such option. But still, you can change your routing number on Cash App though the method might appear weird to you. This weird method involves deleting your existing Cash App account and creating a new one with a different residential address in states like Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin.


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