Cash App Stimulus Check: Cash App Government Check Deposit 2022

Cash App Stimulus Check: Cash App Government Check Deposit 2022

Today's article will help you understand who and how one can get Cash App stimulus check. In addition to that, we’ll talk about what to do when your stimulus check is pending on Cash App. If you are the one whose Stimulus check or tax refund has failed on Cash App, you must read this post carefully because in this post I have summarized all the reasons that you must avoid to receive all types of US Government checks on your Cash App wallet.

Can I receive my stimulus check on Cash App?

There was a time when Cash App was just meant to send, receive, and store money. But, nowadays this is no more true. Square Cash App has changed a lot in recent years. It has introduced a number of amazing features such as investment, Bitcoin withdrawal, borrowing money, direct deposit, etc.  As we are talking about stimulus checks, it is important to mention that Cash App direct deposit feature is inevitable to get paid from the US Government.

Now coming to your main question – can you receive your stimulus check on Cash App? The answer is – yes. You definitely can receive a stimulus check on your Cash App. Frankly speaking, your first question must be – who can receive a Government check on Cash App? A user who has confirmed his identity on Cash App and enabled direct deposit can receive a stimulus check directly on Cash App wallet for free. It further means, by enabling the Cash App direct deposit one can receive all types of stimulus check such as tax refund, child tax credit payment, unemployment aid, and Covid-19 relief.  

How do I activate a government check on Cash App?

Thankfully, you don’t need to do anything special to start receiving the Government check on your Cash App. Just to be more clear, if you have confirmed your identity on Cash App then you are just a step away from activating a Government check on Cash App. And that one step is to enable the direct deposit. The process to activate and enable a Cash App direct deposit is to find and share the two things. First, the Cash App routing number, and the second is Cash App account number. These are the steps to follow to find these details:

  • Open Cash App mobile application on your phone.
  • Tap the banking tab.
  • Then get into “Deposit & Transfers”.
  • The next screen will open up with your routing and account number.
  • After that scroll down a little and tap the “Get Direct Deposit Form”.
  • Download and fill-up the form.
  • Then, email your direct deposit to your employer if you want to receive your salary.
  • Or, visit the IRS’s portal to share your Cash App routing and account number to receive your stimulus check.

  How long does Cash App take to deposit a stimulus check?

Well, when you receive your stimulus check on Cash App largely depends upon the IRS. The sooner they release and clear your payment the earlier you receive payment on Cash App. Gladly, Cash App doesn’t take more than 2 days to show the payment in your wallet. Generally, in most cases, the Cash App stimulus check takes 4-6 working days to get paid.

What time of day does Cash App direct deposit hit?

As Cash App direct deposit payment hits accounts between 11 AM to 6 AM (EST) on any working day, so it is safe to consider that your Cash App stimulus check can hit in between the working hour on any working day of the week. However, it might delay due to the holiday and weekend.   

Why haven’t I received my stimulus check on Cash App?

Cash App stimulus problem is not a common occurrence. But, it is not deniable. Unfortunately, there might be a number of reasons for pending stimulus checks on the Cash App. For example, incorrect Cash App routing or account number. In such a case, navigating through IRS or “GetMyPayment” portal is the best thing that you can do to check to confirm whether you have made any mistake. In addition to that, consider the below-mentioned points as well to ensure your Cash App stimulus check never fails:

  • Make sure you are eligible for the payment.
  • You have confirmed your identity.
  • You are receiving payment under the limits.
  • Your Cash App account is not temporally banned.
  • Your Cash App card is activated (not expired). 


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