7 Steps To Fix Cash App Unable to Sign in On This device

7 Steps To Fix Cash App Unable to Sign in On This device

Just suppose, you have to send money to one of your friends using a Cash App mobile application. You pick up your phone and open Cash App then the worst happens: you find a Cash App login error - Cash App unable to sign in on this device. Well, it’s one of the most frustrating things to experience for any Cash App user. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen all the time.    

However, by following the right method and best Cash App practices in the first place, you can avoid the login error on Cash App. By the way, Cash App login error on android or iPhone is not a common occurrence but it might happen all of sudden without any prior hint. So, the idea here is to learn all those “do’s” and “don’ts” that can help you to fix Cash App sign issues.

In case you are not able to sign in to your Cash App account on your brand new iPhone then it might be an indication of the presence of the miss-configuration of developers setting on your phone. But, you don’t need to worry; you can contact us and get your iPhone configured by experts.   

So, as we always do, let’s begin from the commonly asked questions:   

Can I log in to my Cash App on two devices?

Can I log into my Cash App on another phone? Yes. You certainly can log in to your Cash App account on multiple devices. It means, if you have already logged in to your Cash App account on one device, you can do a Cash App sign-in on another device as well. In case, you can’t sign in to your Cash App account on another device then there could be so many other reasons. A piece of good news is that there are ways available with the help of which one can fix Cash App unable to login this device error. 

Why won’t my Cash App let me log in? Possible Reasons

It would be a lot better if we first talk about the reasons that prevent the users from successful Cash App login. Poor and slow internet connection is one obvious reason that always leads to login-related problems. Even if no problems appear in the login at the first stage due to poor internet connection then it might be possible that obstacles in sending or receiving payment may come in. There are a few more contributing factors that can lead to having problems in Cash App sign-in. Let’s understand them:    

  • Enter wrong login credentials such as wrong phone number or security code.
  • Internet connection is unsafe or suspicious.  
  • The network or device is infected by a virus or any other malware. 
  • An old version of Cash App mobile application.
  • Account is temporarily banned due to the violation of the Cash App terms. 
  • Multiple logins on too many devices or attempts from a different location. 
  • Using VPN or any other location hiding tool. 

Fix Cash App unable to sign in on this device iPhone or Android? 

As we have already discussed the responsible reasons behind the Cash App unable to sign in on this device, now let’s proceed to the next important question – How to fix this Cash App login error? Well, there is no rocket science in fixing this frustrating login error on Cash App. Knowing the reason behind the Cash App login issue is half the battle won. The full battle you will win when you follow these steps.

Check the quality and strength of the internet 

Let’s put the first thing first. If your internet connection is not strong enough and unsafe then how you can expect that you will not have any problem accessing your Cash App account. Be informed that Square Cash App takes security very seriously. Whenever it realizes that the users’ internet connection is not safe or strong enough then it doesn’t hesitate to prevent the users from getting access to his/her account. Due to this users end up getting a message on their device that reads – Cash App is unable to sign in on this device.   

Restart your phone

This is a simple, yet very effective troubleshooting tip that works most of the time when Cash App says “Unable to sign on this device”. By doing so you can help your phone to stop the unnecessary background functions and rejuvenate your phone hardware and software. 

Check for Updates

Having an older version of the Cash App isn’t usually a problem, but after a long time, it might result in getting you a number of problems. Among so many problems, one is the Cash App sign-in problem on the phone. So, it should not be a problem for anyone to check the App Store or Google Play Store and see if there is any update available for Cash App. If you find any update available download it immediately. 

Enter the correct Cash App login credentials 

It may sound silly, but the truth is many people mistakenly enter the incorrect login credentials of Cash App and then they wonder why my Cash App is saying “unable to log in on this device”. So, avoid doing so and carefully enter your Cash App phone number and security code while trying to sign in to your Cash App account on your phone or website. 

Scan your device, internet, and app for virus

A virus can adversely affect phones and the installed applications in many ways including but not limited to causing you trouble related to login. So, the idea here is to scan your device and internet connection for any virus and eliminate that if there is any. 

Avoid violating the Cash App policies

Cash App comes with the promise of a safe and secure payment experience. And, in order to protect the payment experience, Cash App has put in place many terms of conditions that are important to be followed by users. Some of them include not using VPN, fake banking details, and someone else photo-id proof to confirm the identity. 

Contact Cash App customer service  

If you have tried everything as mentioned above but still getting the Cash App unable to sign in on this device error then it is time to get more technical. And whenever it comes to finding and fixing the technical error then contacting the Cash App customer service can be your best bet. 



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