5 Simple Steps to Activate Cash App Visa Debit Card [Latest Method]

5 Simple Steps to Activate Cash App Visa Debit Card [Latest Method]

Square Cash App is the easiest way to handle all kinds of money-related tasks. Whether you need to send or receive money, nothing could be better than the Cash App payment app if you live in the USA. That's not all; you can draw more benefits and make your experience even better by using Cash App Visa Debit Card. Many of us already know how useful is the cash card of the Square Cash App. But, in order to avail the wide-ranging benefits of cashapp card, you need to order one and activate it. How to order or get a Cashapp visa card is not what we are going to discuss. More specifically, we are going to discuss the trusted or 5 simple steps to activate Cash App visa debit card.

However, if you wish you can contact the Cash App customer service and request a brand new Cash App payment card. Also, you can get quick assistance to activate your Cash App Card. Else, if you love reading; we welcome you to read this helping post to learn all about the Cash App Card activation process. 

Before we dwell deep into this topic, let's begin with the basics- Cash App Card: What is it and how to use it?

What is a Cash App Visa Debit Card?

A Cash App cash card or Debit card is quite similar to a bank's debit card. In shape and size, it looks the same as a typical debit or credit card of any bank. Also, comes with its own details like card number, CVV number and expiry date. Only the difference is that the bank's debit is linked to your saving bank account and the cashapp card is linked to your Cash App wallet.

You can use it to make payments at shops, markets, restaurants, shopping malls and fuel stations. Also, users can withdraw cash money at any ATM. Users who own Cash App payment cards can enable Cash app direct deposit service, cashboost and invest in Bitcoin and Stocks. You will be glad to know that Cash App card fee is free to order and use. Also, the activation process is free and simple to follow. As mentioned in the next section.

How to activate Cash App Cash Card by Scanning QR code?

Activating a Cash App card through scanning a QR code is also known as the automatic activation process. Why? Because users don't require entering the Cash App card details manually. Upon successful scanning, the Cash App wallet automatically fetches the details of your users. These are steps to follow:

  • Open your Cash App wallet on your phone.

  • Select the rectangular or a card-shaped icon.

  • On the next screen, you will get a black image of a cash card.

  • Right below here you also get an option "Activate Card" or "Scan QR" code; Tap it.

  • Now you have to grant permission to Cash App to access your phone camera.

  • Scan the QR code that you have received with your Cash App card.

  • Once you successfully scan the code, your card will activate and be ready to use. 

How to activate a Cash App card using a card & CVV number (without Scanning)?

Activating a Cash App card through CVV number is called a manual method to activate a Cash App card. We recommend you to follow this method only if your Cash App card is not working after scanning a QR code. Here is how to enable your cash card using your card details.

  • Open your Cash App account on the phone.

  • Select a card-shaped figure.

  • Right below the Cash App card image, you will find an option "Use CVV instead". Select it.

  • Now enter the card details available on your brand new cash card like card number, CVV number and expiry date.

  • Once check out all the details, if everything looks fine, tap the "Activate" button.

  • Now just a wait for a few seconds until the card is activated.

  • Your card is now ready to use.  


Final Say

So, this is how simple it is to activate a cash card. We are sure today's post: Simple Steps to Activate Cash App Visa Debit Card will come as a great help. To get quick assistance related to changing Cash App card PIN, design and settings, feel free to get assistance from our experts available at Cash App customer service.



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