How To Change Cash App From Business to Personal

How To Change Cash App From Business to Personal

The Cash App provides you options to set either a business or personal account while completing your Cash App profile. It is quite simple for the users to change their business to a personal account. Have you ever thought “how to change Cash App account from business to personal? Well, this post will show you how to switch your account from business to personal. In case you have closed your business account, you have options to use your Cash App account or switch back if you want. 

How to change Cash app from business to personal 

Do you want to switch your Cash App account type from business to personal? We’ve got you covered and you are reading the right post. For your information related to Cash App account, the app’s default account is personal and you are free to change it personal then again to business if you would like. To switch account type in the Cash App, firstly, the users need to open the app and then tap on the “Account” tab. In the Account type field you’ll enter your PIN and confirm the Switch. 

Further, you can follow these simple steps on “how to change Cash App from business to personal?”. 

  1. Firstly, sign-in to your account 
  2. Then, go to your Cash App profile.
  3. Select the “change account type’ option. 
  4. From “change account type” you find the options to change security lock and notification settings. You can also remove your linked bank accounts. 
  5. Just you need to tap on the appropriate option to change your account type. 
  6. To access your account, the app asks for your approval to change unlike switching between business and personal accounts. 

How to Switch your account from business to personal in Cash App

When the users set their profile they come across two account types: business and personal. The default account is personal however, they can change it anytime they want. Now, the users might be wondering how to change Cash App from business to personal. The Cash App allows its users to have two accounts, however, they should not be identical. When you want to switch between the accounts, you need to update your email ID, phone number. So, here contact details and acquiring a new debit card are required to make the switch. 

Can the Cash App users have both business and personal accounts?

Yes, the users can have both business and personal accounts but not at the same time. As mentioned above, the default account is personal, however, the users can change it to business and again to personal account if you would like. 

The users should know that they can have more than two cash app accounts by using two different phone numbers. Also, the users should check the monthly transaction limit and fee they need to pay to receive money in their business account. 

How can users change their business account to personal account?

Do you have a business account in the Cash App and want to know how to change Cash App from business to personal? Well, it is not as simple as switching  from an individual to a business account. 

 Follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Cash App by logging into the account. 
  2. Go to the top right corner of the screen and tap the profile icon. 
  3. Now, scroll down and tap on the support. 
  4. Now, you find the “something else” option, tap on it. 
  5. When you tap “something else” you get the “cash for gold” option, tap on it. 
  6. Tap on the contact support. 
  7. Tap on the “chat” button at the bottom and explain to the chat executive that you want to switch back to a “personal account”. 

Here you may need to wait for a while to get back to you with the right solution. The support executive will help you make transition to a personal account explaining how to send funds. 

If you can’t connect to customer support at Cash App, you can use other ways.

No doubt the chat function inside the Cash App. However, you can also use other ways to connect to customer support. 

Using phone

The customer can connect over the phone. The support executives are available to help you from 9:00 Am in the morning to 7:00 pm in the evening for 5days in a week. 

The users can connect to the customer support team at 1(800)-969-1940. 

Social media 

The users can also message them on their social media account for assistance. However, most users get solutions by following the above two ways. 

Cash App social media accounts include:

Facebook: SquareCash


Twitter: @CashApp @CashSupport

Reddit: u/CashAppAndi

Instagram: @CashApp

Why I can’t change my Cash App business account to personal account

There certain reasons why you can’t change your cash App business account to personal account:

To prevent fraud and maintain Know-your-customer (KYC) regulations by verifying new accounts. 

The app also sets a time to convert your business to a personal account. 

The users also need to contact the customer support team to get your account converted. 

How can users know if they have a business or personal account?

The users can check if they have a business or personal account from the Cash App.

To do so, open the Cash App and see if there is a small green icon next to your name. If it is there, you have a business account, if not you have a personal account. 

Also, you can check the limit in the menu tab under the setting at top of the screen. 

Although, the users can have both a business and personal account provided that they should have two different email addresses and phone numbers. Also, you need to add different debit and credit cards to your second Cash App account

Finally, we conclude that the Cash App users can switch their accounts from business to personal anytime they want. They need to open the Cash App to make the necessary changes. In the Cash App, they find “ change account type” to make account switching between personal to business and business to personal. 


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