How To Confirm Identity On Cash App And Increase Cash App Limit?

How To Confirm Identity On Cash App And Increase Cash App Limit?

People who use Cash App know very well that Cash App is a fast, safe, and secured payment app. Some of its best features are direct deposit, cash card, borrowing money, so on and so forth. But, if you have not confirmed your identity on Cash App how you can expect to avail all these benefits. Frankly speaking, upon the successful verification of the Cash App account, one can buy, sell, and store Bitcoin and Stocks as well. Most importantly, one can send up to $7500 in a week and receive unlimited in a month. In short, it is safe to say that all-around benefits are for sure with Cash App's successful verification.  

So, now after knowing so many benefits of identity verification on Cash App, any intelligent person might start wondering – how to confirm identity on Cash App? In all honesty, your first question must be – What is Cash App verification?

Note an issue if you have so many questions but no answers. From Cash App verification time to how it works; everything is mentioned in this helping post. If you wish you can contact us to avoid reading this long article.

What is Cash App verification, time, fee, and process?

Let’s put it simply. Verification can be best described as a process to ensure a person is who they are supposed to be. The trend of identity verification has increased in recent years in the backdrop of the rising online scam and frauds. The same thing has happened in Cash App. In order to protect the millions of users from the evil eye of cybercriminals, Square has made it mandatory to confirm the identity on Cash App.

However, it is not like that one can’t send, receive, or store money on Cash App without confirming the identity. One definitely can do so but the restrictions will be applicable. Using a Cash App mobile application without confirming identity on Cash App means, one can send only $250 per week and receive only $100. In addition to the less sending and receiving limit on Cash App, the unverified person can’t get a Cash App card, enable direct deposit, and borrow money. So, it is important to do the Cash App verification.

How much time does Cash App take to confirm the identity on Cash App? It might be your next question. The answer is 1-2 working days. Moreover, the process of identity verification on Cash App is free. Now you might ask- How does identity verification work on Cash App? Well, the answer to this question lies in understanding the types of verification on Cash App.

Types of Identity verification on Cash App

Basically, there are two types of verification on Cash App. First verification is called identity verification in which users are required to enter the last four digits of their SSN. And the second type of verification is called Bitcoin withdrawal verification. This verification enables the users to withdraw or transfer Bitcoins from Cash App to any other BTC app. In this verification, users are required to upload their selfies along with their driving license (photo-id proof).

How do I verify identity on Cash App?

I assume that you want to send more (up to $7500) and receive unlimited money to and from your contacts on Cash App. If yes then read this section carefully. In this type of identity verification, you need to share the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) along with some basic but important information such as date of birth, address, and email id. These are the steps to follow to make Cash App believe who you are.

  • So, as a first step to confirm your identity, launch Cash App.
  • Consider setting up your bank account or debit card if you have not done so already.
  • After that get into your profile section and enter all the details including your name, date of birth, email id, phone number, and answer to questions if asked.
  • Finally, in the end, Cash App will prompt you to enter the last four digits of your SSN.
  • If required, upload any government-approved photo Id proof.

Why can’t Cash App verify my identity?

There might so many reasons. Among so many reasons, two are most probable. First, Cash App might have found something wrong in your account such as incorrect SSN, invalid photo-id proof, suspicious banking details. Secondly, you are a minor or lesser than 18 which is prohibited. We can clarify what exactly is the problem if you contact us.   

Cash App identity verification pending

Pending identity verification on Cash App is not a common occurrence. It happens rarely. Waiting for some more time is the best thing that you can do. Else, contact the Cash App customer service.  

How to verify Cash App if under 18?

Runaway if someone tells you that he/she can confirm your identity even if you are under 18. Why? Because it might be a clear case of a scam and you can be the target. Cash App identity verification is not possible without SSN. Also, not that you can’t bypass Cash App verification. However, remember what I have told you already. You can use Cash App without confirming your identity on Cash App but the limits of sending and receiving will be pretty less and most of the features will not be available.


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