How to Unblock Someone on Cash App? Learn Simple Steps

How to Unblock Someone on Cash App? Learn Simple Steps

You can unblock someone on Cash App anytime 

Wondering why you can’t receive money from your contacts. The situation of being unable to receive money from your contacts might result from a number of reasons. A temporary ban on the account, poor internet connections, and incorrect payment methods are some of the commonly known reasons that prevent the users from receiving money from contacts on the Cash App. But, if you think there is no such problem with you then the chances are high that you have blocked the person from whom you are expecting to receive money on Cash App. In such a case, you don’t need to worry. You can unblock the sender and continue to receive money hassle-freely. In this post, we are going to discuss how to unblock someone on Cash App?     

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How to unblock someone in Cash App?

Cash App does not automatically block the users from sending and receiving the money to and from contacts until and unless the users themselves block the intended person. The procedure to block someone on Cash App is so simple that sometimes cashapp users mistakenly tab the block button and block the person. And then further they start wondering – why can’t I receive money from my Cash App contact? You don’t need to worry if this is the case with you. I am sure if you follow the steps in the sequence I have mentioned below then you will be able to unblock anyone from whom you are expecting payment.

  • So, as a first step, launch the Cash App mobile application on your phone. 
  • Sign in to your account if you are logged out. 
  • From the Cash App home screen, select the “Activity” tab. 
  • In the activity section, you can find requests for money, notifications, and your past payments history with the name of another person who indulged in the transaction.  
  • Now tap on the name of another user and select the “Unblock this person” tab. 

How to block someone in Cash App?   

Popularity doesn’t come alone. It brings challenges and problems as well. The same is true with the Square Cash App payment app. There are many good things to like about Square Cash App. But, it doesn’t mean that everything is fine with Cash App. Unwanted request for money from unknown Cash App users is the worst thing that I have hated the most. Gladly, there is one simple solution to this problem. And the solution is to block that person who causes you trouble. These are steps to follow to block people on Cash App. 

  • Get into the Cash App activity section. 
  • Check your activity to find and select the person whom you want to block. 
  • Now simply just tab the “Block this person” button to block the user.  
  • Once again to confirm that you want to block this person, tap the “Block” button.   

What happens when you block someone on Cash App? 

Blocking someone on Cash App means that the blocked person will not be able to send you money as well as the request. Your Cash App account will also not be visible anymore to the blocked person. In addition to that, all the pending Cash App payments (if there are any with a concerning person) will cancel automatically. In short, peace of mind is for sure once you block the person who causes you a great deal of disturbance by sending you requests for money time and again all through the day. 

How do I unblock someone on Cash App?

Worry not if you have blocked your friend as a part of the fun. The feature of blocking someone on the Cash App is customizable. Whenever you wish you can navigate through the activity section and block or unblock the person with ease of mind. Follow the steps I have mentioned above already. 

If I block someone on Cash App will I get my money back? 

Be informed that it is not possible to receive money from the blocked person. So, if you are supposed to receive money from the blocked person then consider unblocking the person first with the help of the steps I have mentioned above. For more information, feel free to contact the Cash App customer service.


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