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Privacy Policy – Square Cash App Help

Square Cash App Help is committed to ensuring that whatever information we collect and store in our database always remains safe and secured. If we ask you to provide some personal or professional details by which you can be identified while using our official website which is then it becomes our responsibility to leave no stone unturned to ensure all-round safety and security of your personal data. As we are a certified customer service provider based in the US, we are bound to follow the IT and information act without compromising the privacy of our customers, clients, subscribers, visitors, and readers. We have a channelized process to collect and use customer information. This webpage will explain to you what information we might collect and how we use the collected information.

Change in Privacy Policy

Be informed that our privacy policy is subject to modification. We, at Square Cash Help, always keep updating our privacy policy time-to-time in order to stay relevant in this competitive and comparative business world. Thereby, we reserve the right to introduce minor or major changes in our privacy policy. So, to avoid contradiction and possible conflict in the future, you are requested to check it regularly to ensure that you are aware of the changes.

What Information We Collect

While interacting with our services or website or while purchasing our services; we might ask you to share your basic information such as name, profession, email id, address, and contact number. In addition to that, if required we might collect details about your Cash App account such as Cash App id, routing number, Cash App card number, expiry date, etc. Plus, just for reference purposes, we can store the below-mentioned information:

  • Cash App username.
  • Your phone number and banking details you have entered in your Cash App wallet.
  • The device you use to use Cash App mobile application.
  • Your demographic information such as location, date, time, postcode, interests, and preferences.
  • Your public profile and other information are required for customer surveys.

What We Do With The Collected Information

Note that Square Cash Help collects and uses the information only for betterment purposes. On the basis of outcomes resulting from careful research and analysis, we try to implement the changes in our service to maximize customer satisfaction. Below is mentioned how we use the collected information:

  • To maintain the internal records of customers whom we have served.
  • To improve the quality of services and products our customer service offers.
  • To make our service precise and accurate in connection with our users' requirements.
  • To understand the trend, the level of satisfaction, problems faced by the users, and solutions provided.

How We Secure The Collected Information

Square Cash Help is dedicated and committed to making sure that never ever the information can leak from our database. Experts available at our customer contact center are determined and sworn to ensure the complete protection of all kinds of information we collect including name, contact details, banking, and Cash App details. To prevent unauthorized access we have put in place all security features including electronic, physical, and managerial procedures.


How We Use Cookies

Cookies can be best described as small digital files which are created and used by computers. These cookie files seek permission to be placed on the hard drives of the users’ computer or browser. At Square Cash Help, we use safe, light-weighted, and compatible cookies and caches files. We don’t transfer and store the cookies files into the devices of the users without or before asking for permission. While using our website, it is not mandatory to accept our cookies and caches files. It means if you wish you can deny and reject the condition of accepting our caches and cookies files with the ease of mind. In case you have accepted the cookies and caches files but later on, wish to avoid the caches and cookies files then not an issue. You can go to your browser setting and delete all the stored and cached files.


How We Store Cookies Files

As soon as you access our site, we send a pop-up asking for approval to deposit the caches and cookies files. It is totally up to the users whether they want to accept it or not. If you click “Accept” then our site leaves and stores the cookies and caches files in your device’s hard drive or store. All these stored cached and cookie files live in the background of the browser until and unless you delete them.

External Links

Be informed that our website,, may contain some links to other websites of your preferences and interests. All those links can lead you to any other website which is not in our control. If third-party websites cause you any loss or lead to a privacy breach then we will not be responsible. In any case or in the event of any kind of loss, will not be responsible. Therefore, before starting engaging with third-party websites take a minute to check the terms and conditions of the third websites.

Contact us

If you have questions or doubts in your mind feel free to contact our customer service. You can contact us via email, dialing our telephone number, or if required you can chat with us and register your complaint with us.

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